The Palm Tipsheet

Palm Tipsheet Issue Archive: Pre-2000 Issues
Issues 1.0 through 4.0 date from 1998 and are provided for archival purposes. No Doc versions of these issues are available. To see what more current editions of the Palm Tipsheet look like, please begin with more recent issues.

EDITOR'S NOTE: URL links contained in these archived Palm Tipsheets may be outdated and non-operational, and information contained in these archives may also be out of date.

Palm Tipsheet 4.0 (ASCII Text)
August 1999: An interview with Japanese Palm user Masatoshi 'Yoz' Yoshizawa.

Palm Tipsheet 3.0 (ASCII Text)
February 1999: Travel uses for a Palm handheld; Reviews of currency converter Foreign, E&B Slippit Case and PDA Panache Black Nail Stylus.

Palm Tipsheet 2.0 (ASCII Text)
April 1998: CoPilot II case, Palm HotSync Cable and Modem, Rayovac Renewal AAA batteries, TealDoc and TealEcho and BackupBuddy.

Palm Tipsheet 1.0 (ASCII Text)
January 1998: A review of Aportis BrainForest Mobile Edition.

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